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Devcon® 2 Ton® Epoxy 4.5 Oz.

Devcon® 2 Ton® Epoxy 4.5 Oz.


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Extremely strong, water-resistant epoxy adhesive that forms a powerful bond with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics wood, concrete, or glass in any combination.

Key Features

Medium cure adhesive, which produces non-shrinking, rigid bonds
Fills poorly mated joining surfaces while providing excellent adhesion
Water resistant formula
Good impact resistant
Can be used to encapsulate parts
Listed under NSN stock #8040-00-162-9704
Open Time: 8-12 minutes
Fixture Time: 30-35 minutes
Gap Fill: 0.01″ – 0.05″
Color: Clear
Mix Ratio: 1:1
Working Time Min: 8
Working Time Max: 12
Fixture Time Min: 30
Fixture Time Max: 35

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